That Happened! Thursday

Before Friday rolls in and weekend wishes take effect I want to stop and review my week in a funny little way called ‘That Happened’ Thursday.  This week in review is solely for social work moments that cause jaw dropping, eye brow rising, pats on the back and maybe even some blushing.  These moments happen more than you think—so I thought I’d share…

1.  Dress code violation

Dress Code Violation

Apparently style is a violation in middle school

With administration turning tides, a new crop of young eager professionals are on campus.  There is nothing wrong with that, in fact I think it’s great.  Just stings a little when you’re pulled aside by the new VP…not for a referral, or a check in or a hello, but a “Can you not wear that”.  I thought the beauty of working in school was that dress codes didn’t pertain to staff.  Trust me I am not strutting around in spandex pants but my pants were on trial as being too tight.  The students have spoken…

2. Pretty snookie?

snooky look alike?

The kid that’s in and out of my office all day…you know the one with a short attention span, that asks for just about everything in your office, said I looked like Snooki.  I laughed but had to ask him:  Skinny snooki or fat snooki???  Skinny was his answer, whew!

3.  Got hung up on by a Chinese restaurant

arrrrr, pirate face after being hung up on

I absolutely hate being hung up on…That was absolutely my face after calling a parent’s work place and being hung up on by a Chinese restaurant.  You better believe I called back!  Goggled the number and called back…ugh burns me up.  Turns out it was a dead end to reaching ‘mom’ but since when are places of business allowed to hang up on would be customers…okay honestly I NEVER would have eaten there.

 4. Friday Stakeout

I may be the worst spy…ever

I didn’t even get to my stake out position in time…leave it to me to be fashionably late!  So why was I staking out…just one of the ‘other duties as assigned’ assignments.  Don’t mess with public schools and attendance zones.  I used my stealth mode instead and scheduled a home visit to determine residence….I’m not the girl in the shadows type.

5.  Probing Princess

always on 😉

Double teamed a parent today with the school counselor.  It went better than I thought, and my probing landed us some critical information.  Mom went on and on about wanting her ‘old’ son back…claimed he was completely different after living with his father.  The probing question—why was he sent to live with his dad?  The answer…CPS removal and older daughter didn’t talk to her for 4 years following the debacle.  Oh the fun to be had with this family.

What do you think?

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