A little rant, from a little social worker

If I could pull all my hair out I would…

I believe its something only a social worker can feel…when your mind has 13 hundred interventions in mind and new cases and referrals coming in than you know what to do with.  But yes, my school counselors are casting the beginning of the school year as a quiet one.  I must have missed the memo because I have been bombarded.  It’s at these points that I realize why my graduate school stressed the importance of self-care.  And here I thought that was all a waste of time, and only for people who needed an excuse to complain about poor them./…well guess what–I’m the complaining.

I give myself permission to rant and rave…

I hate to rant believe me…but this is my self care…writing.  Because going back and revisiting my turmoil is proof that I can move past everything.  And I guess at this point I need to remind myself about our natural resilience.  Maybe it was the three-year old that kept yawning in my meeting this morning.  I could tell he did not get a full night’s rest and mom, as bipolar as it gets with a middle schooler that is spiraling into a severe depression.  My stomach could just not handle the thought of another little one subjected to the madness of this world.

What do you think?

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