That one word made the 2.5 years of monetary and emotional sacrafices well worth it!  I passed the Clinical Exam!  I still can’t believe it.

For those who arent social workers the 4 little letters have little to no significance.  But to me it means that I can do my dream job.  My dream is to be the best therapist this side of San Antonio Texas.  I want to work with adolescents and families struggling through divorce, addiction, delinquecy, poverty, etc.

The exam itself is tedious and a trial for sure.  I heard that most people don’t pass it the first time around.  No worries.  I didnt take a training or purchase a study guide, heck I didnt even study the reccommended 3 motnhs in advance.  But I did study.  I read, brushed up on theory and development.  Truth be told, its one of the hardest test to prepare for because it is mostly situational based questions.  So the theory and definition flashcards I purged through the week before my test date did not serve so well.  You have to know what to do in the moment.  And dont panic if you dont have each diagnosis or medication memormized…

A helpful piece of advice:  Prepare for the ‘What do you do FIRST’ & ‘What do you do NEXT’ questions.  Which is easier said than done–You can imagine of all the situations a clinical social worker may find themselves in…now study.  UGH!  But remember exploring FEELINGS is always priority!  But literally its best to go with your gut reaction on the situatiuonal questions.

INow you know–I havent abandoned the blog…I have abandoned life in general in preperation for the exam of my life!  & Now that a well deserved winter break from work is around the corner my hope was to get back to writing about social work…but as fate would have  my personal laptop has finally crashed 😦

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