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Assessments: Get Artsy

I’m not the child therapist I always wanted to be…they say social work positions find you –  I got trapped in the adolescent realm, which I love!!!  BUT the little play therapist within me loves a good art assessment.  Or any fun assessment for that matter.  I found this one online…It combines, art, rocks and object relations.
LOVE IT!  The assessment goes like this: 
The client paints a rock during the inital session.  The rock would represent how they feel about themselves.  The client can keep the rock in the therapy office so they can have a familiar object/ ownership in therapy.
The book, Only One You, is suggested reading.  Hey…this can also work as a group activity for self esteem building!!!
I have tried a version of this at my previous profession as an addiction therapist in a corrections facility for adolescent boys.  In this setting clients painted a rock that reflected their journey through recovery.  We had the boys pick out a rock  from outdoors, clean and paint it.  In many ways the rock activity reflected the true journey of my boys.  I had one client paint his rock grey, as he painted he stated that the rock would look like any other rock but was special in its own way, “only if you looked really close”.  He was a client that took his time in corrections.  He ws opening up in therapy but behavior on his unit was consistently negative.  He tried hard to blend in with the status quo but inside he was working through tough issues. He was that grey rock.
I would love to hear any other fun or creative assessemnt ideas, till then Happy Assessments everyone, may we find what we’re looking for!

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