That Happened! Thursday

I’m back with another installment of the crazy things Ive heard done or was able to pull off!

1-  3 girls, One Office
I’m no stranger to group therapy…but impromtu groups, that’s another story.  For two weeks now the same odd crowd of girls has come into my office to talk relationships, family and decision making.  They couldn’t be any different but they play off of each other so well.  I have been so swamped with crisis intervention, attendance tracking, truancy court and meetings that I have not been able to hold groups this year…maybe this is God’s way of letting me know its time!  That’s the pictures one of my girls tried to run off with [she asked me if she could have it like 12 times].  He is cute as a button isnt he…my son before his first haricut!

2- Surprise!
As you may know (hopefully you do) this week is SOCIAL WORK WEEK!  Thank a social worker!  My supervisor once said that in honor of social work week we could take the next week off…SPRING BREAK is next week!  Whoo hoo time for some self care!

3- Perfect Timing

I love it when people appear to read your mind.  I had a case come up mid week in which I was hoping to refer to a community counselor.  I searched through each sticky note and business card, coming up short each time…could NOT find the number at all.  Then he called me…I assumed my husband had told him that I would be calling…but he hadn’t.  Turns out he was just checking in.  He came that day to take my referral and poof, perfect timing!

4- Booty Call

Congrats, I lowered my standards just enough to put you on my booty call list.

What a home visit, let’s just start it that way.  I knew it would be tricky when the home was in a small alley like lot that was guarded by three less than appealing males in their early twenties.  I am seriously not one to judge but when I see gang colors and facial tattoos, its tough not to.  I took a deep breath and my most confident stance as I walked passed them to the last door (my luck).  No one was home but it turns out one of the guys was the older brother of the student I was looking for…I delivered the information I needed to and as I was just about home free- with one hand on the car door – I get a text message…like three in a row.  “Booty Call”  the alpha male chanted…”tell me about it…” i said not skipping a beat…”I’ll be your booty call”  he continued…The nerve…the nerve.  Part of me wanted to waltz over there and give him a lecuture in respect, but I figured this problem was not about me…and if I ever have to visit that home again…I dont want any backlash.  Oh the joy of Home Visits.

5- ‘Down with Brown’

Males can say outlandish things anywhere.  The proof is in the discussion I had with a teacher this week.  He disclosed the fact that his wife graduated from Lanier HS, a majority latino school.  He told me that it was love at first sight and that he was “Down with Brown”.  Boys will be boys…

What craziness is happening in your neck of the wood!

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