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Social Work DIY: Adding Glam and Goodness to a Dull Clipboard

Its the beginning of the school year and I am set on doing what makes my heart and mind happy.  This year, as part of my self care goal I plan on creating a space that makes me happy, one of those things is sparkly crystals and a little pizazz…or a lot.  The first thing that popped to mind was a bedazzled clipboard idea, that like my fellow Pinterest addicts, I filed away and forgot.   So here is my version on a Social Work Clip Board.

You need: Your dull old clip board, glue gun, glue sticks (I used about 4) and a bag of buttons.

I went to the discount section of my nearest craft store. I also used some of my old costume jewelry that I no longer wear…this can bring a sentimental touch to your creation!

Step 1: Sort your buttons, gems, etc. Big, medium and small.

Sorting the pieces will help you pick and choose which pieces to layer in as space gets limited .

Step 2: Keep the larger pieces near the top, middle and sides of the clipboard clasp. As you begin adding be sure to allow slight overlap to create a cluster effect.

Your biggest and favorite pieces should be front and center.  I like to keep symmetry…but I have seen some creations that are not so symmetrical and they look awesome as well.

Don’t be afraid to layer, allowing pieces to overlap just a bit!

And the final product::

This project just made me happy…and I know that it will continue to bring a smile to my face throughout the school year…More stories from me and my glam clipboard to come!  Thanks for reading!


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