Friday Faves

Friday Faves

Can the month please slow down, I would like to catch my sanity before Halloween…or maybe that’s what this month is meant to do—drive you crazy so that the final day of the month is a culmination of craziness.  There will be no shortage here that’s for sure!  Nonetheless here are my Friday Faves of the week!

Food Horoscope?!

Yes this exists…on a cool website I found called Spoon University.  I’m a pisces, my stars predicted my tummy accurately…easy on the eyes and I’m in love!  What does your food horoscope say about you!

Pisces (February 19-March 20):  Because you are a strongly right-brained thinker, you view the world from a very visual standpoint. You have an appreciation for pretty people, pretty places, and of course, pretty foods. Some of your favorite dishes might include fish and ‘fluffy’ desserts such as chocolate mousse and cream puffs (sign me up).

Fall Fair Idea


Pop, pop , pop!  Maybe its on my mind because of my ever expanding baby bump!

Halloween Hair Do


Oh Ryan Swoon



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