Action Plan to Increase Parental Involvement in Middle School

stock-photo-son-and-father-answer-questions-of-a-social-worker-in-home-158217437The task of increasing parent involvement in any school can be daunting let alone at the secondary level.  I have located the following resource:  National Resource of Partnership Schools which operates under the belief that parent involvement should not be left to chance or to one parent or educator.

A program of family and community involvement must be planned and implemented by an Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) – a committee of educators, parents, and community partners who work together to engage all families and the community in productive ways.

poster9-06Download the partnership-planner for more information!

This planning tool asks for detailed information on the activities that the school Team will implement for the Six Types of Involvement listed above.

Form G
The four-page plan:  focuses on the activities for family and community involvement linked to school improvement goals. Four goals are selected: two academic goals, one behavioral goal, and one goal to promote a welcoming school climate.
Form T
The six-page plan:  focuses on activities for each of the Six Types of Involvement.
Source:  April 25, 2013 from

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