Schools back in session…

The end of summer means I’m ready to throw myself into school social work.  The year has started with a bang, more ‘to do’ lists than I can count, a district wide emphasis on social work intervention and an intern on the way.   I am excited ya’ll.  So I wanted to begin with a fun little post highlighting fun snippets from the first few weeks back, as told by my clothing.   I got an ipad @ work

On my first official day back to work…school social workers got iPads and chocolate cake! Don’t mind if I do celebrate our contribution to a city wide grant to improve attendance.  And the iPAD is the sweetest icing.  I’ve never owned an iPad, so I am pretty ecstatic.

Convocation is no joke.  Complete with a live band, and the Spurs coyote.  Yes, I cried, but that’s nothing new, it just proves that the district has yet again blown me away with an amazing keynote speaker, Shanna Peeples, the nation’s teacher of the year.   She set the tone beautifully with a message of hope and resilience…Spirit Day @ Work

She filled the arena with humble pride and the belief that in our hardest of times, when fear sets in we cant help but grow. Two take homes:

  • the things we do can really reach into a student and stay there.  Our words can become the voice within them that keeps them reaching for more in times of trial.i teach teachers- staff development


  • in the line of work that we’ve taken we may never get the parade of applause we deserve.  Our praise is cherished in the tiny notes and imperfect pictures from the hands of those we’ve reached.

Gotta go for sprinkles

Staff development followed in the days ahead.  I enjoy it though, theres something about everyone learning and improving themselves…and teaching teachers.  I never imagined myself lecturing for 15 minute increments to a rotation of teachers.  Luckily I’m well versed in McKinney Vento, Child Abuse and Parental Engagement.   but I did lose my voice by the end of the day.

Overall the year is as prepped as it can be…my favorite training was field instructor training that was held by UTSA and OLLU.  It could have been the starbucks or the pink donut with the sprinkles but I learned a little more during that session.


What do you think?

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