Deflating Frustrations After One of Those Meetings

Have you ever had a meeting that leaves your head spinning.  Who am I kidding?!

If you are a social worker – yes and if you are yet to become one, prepare…

Prepare for the moments that your work will be scrutinized and others will have all the answers.  The answers that you were trying to impose the year before with little to no support.

All the ideas I had, now make sense to administration because it’s coming from one of their own.  An adminstrator with a ‘go get it’ attitude.  And as much as I flinch, I must see a new found ally in all the mess.  Because now something can actually be done.
Sometimes it takes something more than just me…The fact that the clients will ultimately benefit from this long needed change is what keeps my sanity in tact.

The only way to deflate the frustration and apathy is to see this phenomenon as a surge of support.  Allies sent into the field to assist me in tackling some of the toughest issues on my case load.

I take note at the eloquence of those in administrative roles…and the social workers that find themselves in such roles are highly revered in my eyes.  I’m not sure about others but as a young social worker, I tend to diminish my voice.  Its ironic really because part of our ethical guidelines is to advocate for those who have no voice.  I can advocate for a client with growing ease but speaking up on my behalf has always been a challenge.  And so to grow from this experience I will work on developing my voice, trusting my professional perspective and praising the social worker within me.

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