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iPad Apps for School Social Work

Press the well loved circular button of my newly distributed iPad and you will see this screen

Personalizing my iPad was important to me…A constant reminder that I can get it done and that I must cease every moment in this crazy , chaotic and warming field of school social work!   I saved the image from Pinterest onto my iPad and then utilized it as my screensaver.

And inside…whaaaalaa my 10 most used apps.

1 – Google Forms- If you have a google account, chances are you know about this incredible feature, if not- USE IT!  Google allows its users to create their own customized forms.  I’ve created forms to track referrals, contacts, even mileage made during home visits.  The awesome thing about forms is,

2.  Google Sheets, where you can view your responses in spreadsheet format.  Making for an easy calculation of contacts, referral type, etc.  I can keep all records private or share the results to certain people.

3. OneClickdigital – in conjunction with a public library account this app allows you to access audible books of all types.  Making for something interesting to listen to when waiting for clients to arrive or driving around town during home visits.  Not to mention a wonderful way to keep up with self care by reading more but not literally reading.

4. Wundermap- Who doesn’t need a real time and quick weather forecast.  It provides radar and local alerts.

5. Google Translate – Because I am not as fluent in Spanish as I might like…this is my go to source for making sure I am communicating semi-understandably to Spanish speaking clients.  I love that you can speak and it will read back your translation.

6. Spotify- AKA my favorite music app out there.  You can create an unlimited number of playlists or search their extensive collection.  I appreciate how Spotify arranges a section of their pre-made playlists by mood.  Music is necessary for optimal work performance, at least for this social worker.

7. Google maps, home visits – enough said!

8.  Contacts- I almost overlooked this feature, but taking time to plug in all my resources and colleagues was well worth it.  Especially on the go and when you have no idea what you or more importantly a client might need.

9.  Outlook –  This my most used app.  A way to not only view my email but schedule my clients, view a quick bell schedule and see my calendar.

10. Netflix- Simply Self Care…watching favorite shows and catching up on missed seasons/episodes.  The weekends are for Netflix.

I’m still new to ipads in the field of social work and looking for anyway to make life easier.  Please comment and share any must have or self care apps!

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