Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

This week I was in the right place at the right time.  I was on the opposite end of the school district I work for, delivering an expulsion letter.  Not only did I get lost but I typed the wrong address into my GPS and wound up at a home where a previous client was completing a job of his own.  Out from a large work truck climbed the young boy I counseled weekly three years ago.    He was in his early twenties now with a full beard and a work uniform.  A long way from the razor wired detention center he frequented and the diamonds he held his hands in all too comfotrably.  The smile that lit up his face when we finally recognized each other hadn’t changed one bit.  His spirit strong and proud.

He happily caught me up on his life as the hard working father of a two year old son, living on his own and staying out of all the trouble.  God took me exactly where I needed to be that day.  I needed to see the very reason I do what I do.

To see the potential of those who can’t  see through the dark days.

This week I sat across from a distraught mother, suicidal  teen and flustered social work intern among many others.  All the while trusting and knowing in my heart that I am right where I need to be, and so are they.

Our struggles, our triumphs are a part of a story.  It all connects, it all teaches us something whether we are listening or not…sometimes until we listen.

Someone once told me dejavu was a way of knowing you were right where you belong…maybe this is true – the little clues are all around us.


Intervention Used this Week:

Right time, Right Place

1.  Reflect  upon a long week by starting where the client is and allowing them to connect the happenings of the week…did they undergo a tough week, pull strengths, highlight the fact that they made it through,

2.  troubleshoot ways of avoiding any issues that they can learn from and

3.  connect or make sense of the week by creating a theme and assisting the client in seeing that all they have experienced  must have transpired in such a way so they could make it to this moment.


What do you think?

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