Social Workers do NOT want to Take KIDS away

To kick off SOCIAL WORK MONTH, I thought I’d do a little myth busting.  It’s our month, yet there are so many misconceptions about our profession.  One of the most detrimental is the idea that we take kids away from their families…To all those who believe this, I am sorry, deeply sorry that this may have happened to you or someone you know, but please hear me out…

I don’t want to take your kids away.

I love your kids, I want to see them thrive and grow and reach their full potential.  I know that the best place for them to do that, is with their very own family.  Unfortunately some families need a lot of help, that’s okay! Its not okay to take your anger out on your child.  It is never okay to hurt, ridicule or oppress your child.  social workers dont take kids

You know this, you either came from a healthy happy home and you know how good it feels to be supported and loved, or you didn’t.

If you didn’t – then you never wanted to do to your babies what was done to you.  You didn’t want to repeat that cycle of abuse, yet here you are.  Someone has to help you break free from the cycle of abuse, neglect and oppression.  Someone has to help you become the parent you always wanted….that person is me.


I want you to keep your kids, forever and ever….

That’s what your kids want, they’ll take the pain and the hurt because they believe that you can change.  They hope for the love in your heart to return.  I believe in it too, but you have to want it.

I will wait till you are ready to make a change and then join you full force…work with you, teach you skills, pick you up when times get tough.  Because all children deserve this- a parent that is healthy and motivated to make better tomorrows.

Don’t hide from me, if you do I assume you are doing what you’re not supposed to be doing.

Don’t tell me what I want to hear, challenge me, put me to the test, let me empathize with your struggles.  That’s the only way we can come to real solutions.

Don’t expect me to do it all, I could, but if I did it all you won’t grow.  This is the key…take my knowledge, make it yours or else you’ll be helpless when I’m gone…and I will leave.

Everyone comes and goes – it doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It means that you are capable, it means that you are strong and smart enough to get it done on your own.  That’s how I want your kids to see you, as the adult in their lives that gets it done.

Thank a social worker…because this is what we stand for.


Happy Social Work Month, to all the social workers that join me in this plight to dispel myths about our profession …tomorrow will be better because of us! lcswsign


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