Locating Resources for Families in Need: Beds for Kids

As a social worker you never know what you may be on the hunt for, this morning I found myself searching for a bed.

Google is always my pal when I am searching for a resource that is not as easily available.

Ashley Home-store’s Hope to Dream program quickly popped up in my search.  This program runs nationwide,  Click here for participating locations.  The program hopes to provide a twin bed set to a child in need that is between the ages of 3-16.

If your client is older, or younger— Ask the family if the client has a sibling that falls into the appropriate age range.  I placed an online referral under the siblings name.  In my case the 16 year old child is sharing the sofa with my older client.

Be sure you inform the parent of your referral as all qualified applicants are notified via phone or email and given 30 days to respond.  Click the icon below to refer a child…Hope To DreamAnother place I called was Salvation Army.  They often maintain thrift stores and other programs aimed at assisting families in need.

United Way is the go to for any and all needs.  Often times the info line is given to our clients on business cards, resource fairs, posters or other front line staff.  I usually call on behalf of my client to cut down wait time.  It is also worth looking into networks or groups running within your local United Way.  San Antonio Texas has a group called Bexar-Necessities1BEXAR Necessities that runs as an “electronic bulletin board” which allows agencies to request difficult-to-locate resources and access up-to-the-minute information about service availability or changes.

Click the icon to become a part of the BEXAR Necessities network.  Training is required and held 3 times a year so sign up quickly as space is limited.

To locate any existing networks in your area go to your local United Way web page and look under the “Get Involved” tab or group menu.



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