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Style Hack  to LOOK like A Wise Social Worker | Discount Code & Review

As a young social worker it’s common to want to look older, or appear more experienced.  

The truth is you have the knowledge to help both young and old because you are coming from a viewpoint that is different.  A social worker’s perspective is what many client’s lack in their lives. Today I am sharing a cheap and easy hack to looking smarter…its the age old glasses trick!  CLICK to WATCH!(COPY) Untitled design (1)

I know it may seems silly but it works, and I have the perfect pair for a round face and 2 discount codes regardless of your face shape! Check them out below…And watch glam Chrissy Tiegen play a clinical SOCIAL WORKER here  she’s the reason I picked this very pair of glasses…my exact pair of glasses is linked below as well!  

Firmoo’s mission is to provide better vision to people around the world at a cheap price. Check out their site for affordable and trendy lenses 🤓  
Item number for my frames: LYC1961X processed with 1.57 thin and light lens with anti-reflection & anti-UV coatings.

2 offers listed below:
💸 GET A PAIR FOR $5 OR FREE Pair!  For a limited time — till MAY 31, 2018.
✘ This includes frames & lenses, however, it does not cover shipping costs.
✘ Limit one per person

Happy Shopping!  Hope you enjoy 💕

cover photo by:   Social Cut on Unsplash


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