Finding a Job AFTER College || Great TIPS and GAP year strategy

Life After College can be stressful, the idea of a gap year is growing!

Finding a Job AFTER College - Social Work YouTube
What is a gap year and how can you make the most of it in order to land your dream job sooner?! Today I am talking about the jobs to look for after college and sharing my story!

Click the LINK to watch my tips for Finding the area of social work that’s BEST for you!  One of my favorite self discovery books will also be included along with the introduction of my new facebook group.  To leave you with some real concrete advice I will share my favorite search engine to search for a job and my advice if you have zero work experience.  I was in your boat as an undergrad and I will share how I landed my dream job.

Job Hunting Tips

There are even some bloopers at the end of this one that you don’t want to miss!





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