My name is Lauren and I am a clinical social worker and board approved supervisor from Texas.

This is the ever growing scrapbook of my Social Work journey it is filled with triumphs, insights, resources, awesome people  & the occasional rant.

Social Work Scrapbook is a blog about social work growth + lifestyle. Here, I share weekly knowledge and inspiration for social workers young, seasoned and soon to be.

Why Social Work?

In college, I went through a period of anxiety, trying to find my footing in an academic world that had endless possibilities.  

After nearly failing out and losing my scholarship, I enrolled in electives during my second semester of college.  It was my desperate attempt to find purpose.   I studied communications, psychology, philosophy even sex therapy and inevitably found my heart in social work.  A spark ignited within me and by my 19th birthday I knew I wanted to be a School Social Worker.

After I graduated, I married my middle school crush & we endured our first deployment.  I kept busy the only way I knew how, throwing myself into books and applying for the Steve Hicks School of Social Work aka UT Austin School of Social Work.  

Essentially, I discovered that I had a gift to connect to others, to listen and settle  people going through tough circumstances.  I trusted the process and on the other side were all my hopes & dreams manifesting.  

Why a Scrapbook?

I started this blog in 2012, when I decided to document my professional journey similar to the way I scrapbook everything else that is influential in my life.  My wish is to empower others that may be beginning or needing a boost along their own social work journey.

I believe that the field of social work has traditionally had negative connotations attached to it.  This scrapbook is a way of combating the negative stereotypes and allowing others a glimpse into the field of practice that I love ♥︎

For the social worker in you.

A social worker is someone who recognizes injustice and can not bear to ignore it or turn the other way..

To a social worker, life is possibility— an opportunity to lead & helps others succeed.  With this perspective, we set out to change the world around us, leaving it better than before.

We work with what we are given—skills, networks, resources—and build from there. Uncovering strengths and removing barriers so that growth is a possibility for all.  

We may not have all the answers or solve every problem, but we continue to meet the issue where it stands, determined to find a way.

The process of becoming a social worker is filled with highlights and trepidation. As the journey unfolds, so do our strengths. One positive thought leads to another, and the world around us follows.

In the end, change is inevitable and it’s often better than we anticipated.  .

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6 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. I’m so excited to read your blog! I’m applying for a graduate degree in social work and trying to learn everything I can. I also hope to work with youth and young adults. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  2. I am so glad I found your blog! I absolutely admire your drive and passion. I’m in the process of becoming a social worker too can’t wait to keep up with your posts!

  3. Hi Lauren! I found your blog via Pinterest and am currently finishing up my MSW at Ohio State University with a focus in school social work. All of these things are so helpful!! My boyfriend is possibly applying for a position with the San Antonio Mission (baseball) and I may be moving down. I’d love to have a social work contact, especially school social work. If you find any time or have any more information, I’d love to chat about San Antonio and SW life around there! My e-mail is cait.brown1@gmail.com

  4. Hello Lauren! 🙂
    My name is Tracy I’m twenty-two years old. I’ve been watching your youtube videos for about 3 months now. I’m so glad you created this blog it’s amazing! So, I’m majoring in Child Development at the University of Los Angeles. I’m in between becoming a child life specialist or social worker. I will be graduating in May 2019 and will be going into my Master’s. Thank you for having such a beautiful soul and helping others with their social work journey. You have such a beautiful family, God bless you. This is my email I would love to talk 🙂 tracygonzalez18@gmail.com

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