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Signs of ADHD Checklist

ADHD maybe one of the quickest disorders to recognize, he can't sit still, she can't control her actions, he's easily distracted...what your looking at here are symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and/or impulsiveness. However, to possibly warrant a diagnosis of ADHD... individuals younger than 17 must show at least 6 inattentive and/or hyperactive impulsive symptoms and symptoms… Continue reading Signs of ADHD Checklist

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Using Genograms in Therapy & Attachment Interventions

CLIENT:  pre-teen with a history of family turmoil and attachment issues. I have been working with a middle school student for 2 years.  The client is a 13 year old girl with a wonderful sense of self and a willingness to help others.  You would never guess that she has been through the loss of her mom due… Continue reading Using Genograms in Therapy & Attachment Interventions

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Tuesday 10: Get Teens Talking in Therapy

Let's face it...sitting across from a teenager in therapy can be intimidating.  Whether it be the eye-rolling pretty girl or cross-armed bad boy, teens are perhaps the most blatant clients a social worker can have.  I have been known to crack a teen or two.  Here are my 10 tips for opening the conversational flood gates with a teenager: 1. … Continue reading Tuesday 10: Get Teens Talking in Therapy

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Assessments: Get Artsy

I'm not the child therapist I always wanted to be...they say social work positions find you -  I got trapped in the adolescent realm, which I love!!!  BUT the little play therapist within me loves a good art assessment.  Or any fun assessment for that matter.  I found this one online...It combines, art, rocks and object relations.LOVE… Continue reading Assessments: Get Artsy