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Signs of ADHD Checklist

ADHD maybe one of the quickest disorders to recognize, he can't sit still, she can't control her actions, he's easily distracted...what your looking at here are symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and/or impulsiveness. However, to possibly warrant a diagnosis of ADHD... individuals younger than 17 must show at least 6 inattentive and/or hyperactive impulsive symptoms and symptoms… Continue reading Signs of ADHD Checklist

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In the classroom::Children with Challenging Behaviors

A free guide to helping children with challenging behavior because I believe it is so important to change the way many teachers are reacting. My guess is that many teachers don’t realize there is hope. Challenging behaviors are learned behavior, and therefore they can be changed. These behaviors are highly affected by the environment, so… Continue reading In the classroom::Children with Challenging Behaviors