Two Anger Management Tools that Work

If you have not yet delt with a client that wants to work on anger or NEEDS to...then get ready!  It is important to teach clients that anger is normal and serves to help an individual protect underlying feelings of guilt, hurt, loss, etc. It is a protective skill we all develop...The picture below can be… Continue reading Two Anger Management Tools that Work


Working through Anxiety: Painting a Worry Stone

Work through worry and anxiety by calmy painting a worry stone... The directions that came with the rock suggested that you carry it in your pocket when you were going into a stressful situation. When you started to worry, you were to rub your thumb on the rock. Related articles Facts on Anxiety (livingwithanxietytoday.wordpress.com)

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9 modules to Improving Self-Esteem

Now that I am working in a middle school issues of self esteem run high. As I began scouring the web for different interventions and strategies I came across the Center for Clinical Interventions website!  The site is a wealth of knowledge.  The modules specific to low self esteem are impressive.  I have not utilized… Continue reading 9 modules to Improving Self-Esteem