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Self Esteem Portraits

Need: head template, watercolors, markers, crayons, etc. Ask child to write down 20 "things" they liked about themselves inside the template. They would write them in different sizes and fonts.  Around the Outline of the template give the client a list of self esteem quotes and asked them to pick one they liked or to… Continue reading Self Esteem Portraits

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Identifying triggers at school

Use the "Volcano Scale – My School Triggers" in the following ways:  To help students assess and label their own anxiety and frustration levels.To help students accurately identify the events that might correspond with each level on the scale. To promote group discussions / activities. Directions:  To complete this Volcano Scale, you will need to… Continue reading Identifying triggers at school

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Intervention for identifying true self -Mask Making

Mask making can help patients discover how they feel about their true selves compared to how they believe others see them to represent a multitude of feelings and personas.While you can complete this activity in only one session, you can also stretch it to multiple sessions. Start with having client create two masks---one that represents… Continue reading Intervention for identifying true self -Mask Making