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Signs of ADHD Checklist

ADHD maybe one of the quickest disorders to recognize, he can't sit still, she can't control her actions, he's easily distracted...what your looking at here are symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and/or impulsiveness. However, to possibly warrant a diagnosis of ADHD... individuals younger than 17 must show at least 6 inattentive and/or hyperactive impulsive symptoms and symptoms… Continue reading Signs of ADHD Checklist


Action Plan to Increase Parental Involvement in Middle School

The task of increasing parent involvement in any school can be daunting let alone at the secondary level.  I have located the following resource:  National Resource of Partnership Schools which operates under the belief that parent involvement should not be left to chance or to one parent or educator. A program of family and community… Continue reading Action Plan to Increase Parental Involvement in Middle School

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Love & Logic

What is Love and Logic® for Parents?"I don't understand it. The techniques my parents used so effectively just don't seem to work with kids today." Does this statement sound familiar to you? A lot of parents today are wondering what to do with their kids and are frustrated because the old techniques just don't seem… Continue reading Love & Logic