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Happy School Social Work Week!!!

There is so much to celebrate about school social work and way too many school social workers to thank-- so in this video I decided to collaborate with 3 other school social workers!   I've connected with so many at the school social work conference this year as well as over on instagram.  So for today's… Continue reading Happy School Social Work Week!!!


Its Here…Merry Christmas!

As I enter into the first week of my 2 week winter vacation...I wrapped gifts for others, made wish lists, checked them twice, delivered three turkeys, and over 30 holiday food boxes...nothing warms my heart more than this video.  I'm glad I stumbled over it on Facebook.  It makes my heart warm and it exemplifies… Continue reading Its Here…Merry Christmas!


Love as a Weapon- First Base with a Narcissist

Ever dream of a whirlwind romance, love at first sight, finding your soul mate... the narcissist is banking on it.     We may recognize a narcissistic personality in therapy-- constant attempt's to control the room, teach you a thing or two and discredit the license hanging on the wall.  But what if we meet them at work/school,… Continue reading Love as a Weapon- First Base with a Narcissist


That Happened! Thursday

I'm back with another installment of the crazy things Ive heard done or was able to pull off! 1-  3 girls, One Office I'm no stranger to group therapy...but impromtu groups, that's another story.  For two weeks now the same odd crowd of girls has come into my office to talk relationships, family and decision… Continue reading That Happened! Thursday