Office Set Up

Type A’s…you’ve found my office set up roundup.  I love all these spaces and try to incorporate them as much as possible in the layout of my own office.  Which by the way is a full size classroom, some claim the largest in the school building….I’m super blessed!


Desk area:

40df2c3078ad601fbd91a3ca0401357e e987e4811a7363f6f958035998ad4d7f23ea369ed1ce9d868a885a6e2ceaee6eedf2dd8e79291a79294ea12eae22d0756bb02a7c24fb7aeea2e2b8988ba4d41d

Desk Organization/ Desktop


Seating Area

587f5ebe734bfc17003f5ab77dff23ed b4d48a884863e9bd6460117474b4c1b0 50e0a8397bc9ad694c5f264d754ea9f0Play Therapy Room:

Other areas (floor seating, files, organization bins, etc.)

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6 thoughts on “Office Set Up”

  1. where did you find the picture with the red seating arrangement? I would be curious to see what the burger bulletin board was about!

  2. Hi there,

    First off I love this blog and I find the videos very helpful! I have recently been moved to a Jr/Sr high school, however, I work for the district K-12. I am trying to decide how to decorate my office. It’s a very small office compared to all the ones I am familiar with. My office is about 9 feet wide by 14 feet deep. I do have a window which is a blessing.

    Any suggestions????

    Thank You

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