Social Work With Me

Hi!  I’m Lauren,

Ready to hone your social work skills?

Too many social workers go at it alone, giving in to the idea of isolation.  

They end up burned out or switching career paths all too soon because they fail to reach out for support and guidance.  


I am here to guide social workers to their full potential so they can be a change agent in their field, implement effective interventions and have energy to do it all over again the next day.  

I have guided dozens of social workers in all phases of their career.  The support and revelations I have learned through my mentorship experience is something I would like to offer you as well.

Ever wished you had an extra mind to process ideas & interventions with?

I’ve been wanting to go more in depth with your social work journey, so I’m excited to announce two new ways we can work together at Social Work Scrapbook!

Let’s team up …  

Multifaceted Mentorship (begin with a free consultation)

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  If after completing the free consultation, you would like to consider me your right hand girl…You will get individualized sessions with yours truly. Say goodbye to guessing. Stop spinning wheels.  Progress is closer than you think with multifaceted mentorship.

Clinical Supervision

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I am a board approved clinical supervisor in the state of Texas.  I draw from strengths-based & focused-theoretical frameworks to guide supervisees in developing their own therapeutic style.  My supervision hourly rate is $85/hour and takes place in a mutual location.  If you are in the San Antonio area, and interested in having me supervise you on your journey toward your clinical license, please click the link above.

For more information regarding the process of Texas Clinical Social Work licensure, you may visit Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners site.


Any questions or want to shoot me a note? You can contact me here.


4 thoughts on “Social Work With Me”

  1. Dear Lauren,
    I really am interested in being a Social Worker but I am terrified of counseling someone. I have a mental illness and I know I don’t want to counsel people with mental illnesses because it reminds me of mine. I am afraid that I’ll give the wrong advice or that I’ll daydream and lose my focus when listening to a client. Please offer any advice because I need a lot of self-esteem, butI don’t have any. I hate to make mistakes but my heart is dedicated to helping people. I bought 2 textbooks from the Social Work program at my college and decided to read what it was about. I fell in love with the career immediately but again, I am terrified of counseling someone. Please help me! I am open to any advice. Please e-mail me at my e-mail address listed below. Thank you. 🙂

    1. The great thing about social work is that you can help in different capacities. Although I am a social worker with a concentration in clinical (counseling) you can choose to become a community based social worker. They work on a larger scale and assist others by connecting them to resources and /or advocacy. Feel free to contact me further if you wish to become part of my mentorship program or cluster.

      1. Dear Lauren,
        Thank you for your insight! I would really love to be part of the mentorship program/cluster. I’m not a social worker yet (still earning general education req from a community college) but, I am getting there. I think what you’re doing is a great idea. I’m from California and it’s hard to shadow certain social work professionals because they always say they are busy or that their boss will not allow them to have someone shadow them because it might get in the way of their work. I really appreciate this opportunity to get to know more people in this field and I am very excited to get involved and ask questions to REAL social workers.

        Please feel free to give any advice or refer me to other social workers so I can learn more about the possibilities out there and get “real world” opinions. I’ll definitely will keep in touch. Let me know how I can join and what I need to do. Thank you Lauren!

        P.S.- I looked up “Community Social Worker” on and almost nothing came up in California except Child/Family Social Worker positions. Am I using the wrong terminology? If so, I would really love to pick your brain and find out all I can and what’s out there for me. If the Social Work field has many choices, could you tell me what’s out there? Maybe some day I’ll push myself to do counseling, but I need to grow in other areas first and then get confidence. Do Community Social Workers need a Master’s Degree? I am willing to do whatever it takes and yes, I have to think about money. I really love helping people, but maybe if Counseling is the only way to earn more money, maybe I’ll work on that, but not now. So far I bought 2 texts from a 4-year college close to me that offers a 4 year program in Social Work and I decided to start early and read them. That was it. As I read more and more, the whole thing started to make me feel like I was home. The textbooks became books that I didn’t have to study for and the information was enjoyable and intriguing. I don’t think I have felt that way about other subjects I have taken in community college. You know? Instead of thinking, “Oh gosh, okay now I need to start….I HAVE to study…okay, put your thinking cap back on and take notes,” I felt like I belonged in Social Work. I felt like all my life I needed a calling and now I feel that my faith and my work agree and make living worthwhile because it all makes sense now. I’ll tell you for a LONG time I did not know what I was going to do. I skimmed textbooks about Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech and Language Pathology Assistant….the list goes on. Anyway, I’m going on too long. But let me know any of your advice, I would really appreciate it!
        Yes! Please include me in the mentor program. Thank you!


      2. Hi Holly! I would love to work with you in your journey toward a social work career. I have included a link to my rates above (under the mentorship section). Another great resource for information would be my youtube channel ( )and soon to come I will have a social work group on facebook. In the meantime I think you could benefit greatly from this facebook group called The Social Work Student Connect ( ) please email me at with any further questions!

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