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Assessment Protocols when Working with Teenage Clients

Are you meeting with an adolescent client, be sure to get your assessment right with these tips and suggested assessment instruments.  Click hear to watch my short video, in which I share 3 goals of an initial client interview along with what to ask families that are seeking treatment for their teen and lastly assessment… Continue reading Assessment Protocols when Working with Teenage Clients


Two Anger Management Tools that Work

If you have not yet delt with a client that wants to work on anger or NEEDS to...then get ready!  It is important to teach clients that anger is normal and serves to help an individual protect underlying feelings of guilt, hurt, loss, etc. It is a protective skill we all develop...The picture below can be… Continue reading Two Anger Management Tools that Work

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Assessments: Get Artsy

I'm not the child therapist I always wanted to be...they say social work positions find you -  I got trapped in the adolescent realm, which I love!!!  BUT the little play therapist within me loves a good art assessment.  Or any fun assessment for that matter.  I found this one online...It combines, art, rocks and object relations.LOVE… Continue reading Assessments: Get Artsy