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Self Care For Social Work Moms

Happy Mother's Day Social Workin' Mommas!!! Make everyday your day by committing to take care of yourself.  Today I am sharing the way I organize my self care as a working mom of 2 young boys! We all know that self care is super important, especially for social workers.  Let me show you how you are already… Continue reading Self Care For Social Work Moms


Dysfunctional family roles

Members of families naturally take on different roles. In a healthy family, roles are flexible given the situation. In unhealthy family environments, roles become fixed or rigid.The dysfunctional family organizes itself around a problem. The problem shapes the family's interactions, while members deny the problem exists. The common goal of each role is to escape… Continue reading Dysfunctional family roles


Family Life Cycle

As life is always changing so does the family. Basic Family Functions include grow/change resolve conflict teach/nurture children help children to complete developmental tasks create successful transitions to the next stage of life Family Life Cycle || Individual Life Cycle transitions are important in both cycles thus success at each stage allows for healthy adjustment… Continue reading Family Life Cycle